Kate Mosse On Writing Women Back Into History

How are Kate Mosse and journalist Brenda Stoter Boscolo telling women’s stories and actively creating history, in very different ways?


Kate Mosse On Writing Women Back Into History

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History books are often about the kings, the generals and the religious leaders, whereas women are written out of it.

One writer who is telling stories of women from the past is British author Kate Mosse, known for her multimillion selling Languedoc Trilogy – Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel – and Gothic fiction. How are authors currently writing women back into the past and present and what responsibility comes with this power?

Together with Kate Mosse and Dutch journalist Brenda Stoter Boscolo, known for her courageous research on the Middle-East and women’s rights, we discuss the telling of stories of women from the past and present, through fiction and non-fiction. How are these writers telling stories and thereby actively creating a new history, each in very different ways?


About the speakers

Kate Mosse is a British author, journalist and broadcaster. She is known for her multi-million selling Languedoc TrologyLabyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel – and Gothic fiction. Her books have been translated into 37 languages and published in more than 40 countries. She has also written non-fiction and plays. Kate is the Founder Director of the Women’s Prize for Fiction – the largest annual celebration of women’s writing in the world – and sits on the Executive Committee of Women of the World. She lives in the UK and France. She is awarded the fellowship at the Residency for Writers in Amsterdam by the Letterenfonds.

Brenda Stoter Boscolo is a Dutch journalist who writes about the Middle East and women’s rights. Her articles have been published by a.o. Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, The New Arab and Al Monitor, Trouw, Algemeen Dagblad, NRC Next, Het Parool, and De Groene Amsterdammer. She often works in the Middle East for her research, focussing on the war in Syria. Her upcoming book is on the Yazidi genocide.

About the moderator:

Eveline van Rijswijk is a presenter, historian and theatre maker. She was editor-in-chief of Universiteit van Nederland (online program on science) and presented Focus (NPO Radio 1). In her political one-woman show ‘De Première’ Van Rijswijk discusses the question when the Netherlands will have the first female prime minister. She is also the chairwoman of Vrouw & Media. 


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“Women in the past were just as strong and purposeful as we are.”


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