NATO: Under Attack?

In light of recent escalations at Europe’s eastern border we will pay attention to regional safety issues, U.S. –EU relations and the role of NATO in the coming years. With i.a.: James Appathurai, former NATO spokesperson, and Uri Rosenthal, former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Zara Toksöz
Bernard Hammelburg

Ever since NATO’s creation the United States has acted as security guarantor of European NATO members. But recent rhetoric and allusion by president Trump to withdraw from the alliance, make European countries worry Washington will not back them up when needed. Will the great protector of Europe break up with their decades-long maintained security model? And how should we look at the role of the Kremlin?

Together with James Appathurai and Uri Rosenthal we will discuss European regional safety issues, reflect critically on NATO’s presence in our day-to-day security and take up U.S. relations with the European continent. Do we still need NATO?

James Appathurai is NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Special Representative for Caucasus and Central Asia. He was NATO’s spokesperson from 2004 – 2010.

Uri Rosenthal served as Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government Rutte I (2010-2012). He is one of the founders and former chairman of the COT Institute for Safety, Security and Crisis Management.

This programme is in cooperation with the ‘Atlantische Commissie’, the Netherlands Atlantic Association.

Illustration by TRIK.

Geopolitical chess

70 years after NATO’s foundation, in a world which looks remarkably different, De Balie will make a series of three talk shows to unfold the following question: (How) Did NATO contribute to international peace the last decades, and what should be its role in the future? The programmes will shed light on NATO’s powerful presence in Central Europe and its influence on the future of international geopolitical chess.


James AppathuraiNATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs. Special Representative for Caucasus and Central Asia.
Uri Rosenthal Former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs. Commissioner of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace.
Roberta HaarProfessor of Foreign Policy Analysis and Transatlantic Relations at Maastricht University.
This programme is made with support of NATO.