New Urban Narratives: Richard Sennett

Amsterdam welcomes the famous American sociologist Richard Sennett to speak about the open city. How should we think about the future of cities such as Amsterdam in the light of Covid-19?

Organized by
De Balie & City of Amsterdam

Unfortunately, this programme is canceled.

De bekende Amerikaanse socioloog Richard Sennett gaat met burgemeester Halsema in gesprek over de ideale stad en de toekomst van Amsterdam. Hoe heeft de coronacrisis en haar gevolgen ons denken veranderd over leven in de stad?

*** This programme is in English ***

The renowned sociologist Richard Sennett explores in his work the the relationship between the good built environment and the good life. In books such as Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City he argues for the idea of an open city. How does his ideas relate to the global Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences? On the invitation of Mayor of Amsterdam Halsema Richard Sennett will share his ideas about the future of cities such as Amsterdam.

With a spoken word performance by artist Sjaan Flikweert.

Moderator: Yoeri Albrecht


Richard SennettProfessor of sociology
Femke HalsemaMayor of Amsterdam
Yoeri AlbrechtModerator
Sjaan FlikweertSpoken word artiest

This is an invitation-only programme, but we welcome anyone to tune in via our livestream at 8PM on September 3, 2020 via this page or and join us anyways!

New Urban Narratives

In 2025 the City of Amsterdam celebrates its 750th anniversary. In the run-up to this milestone, Mayor of Amsterdam Halsema, together with international thinkers, the city council and all citizens of Amsterdam is creating new stories for the city. Scientists, writers and artists are invited to share their ideas about the future of the city, followed by a public discussion with the Mayor and the people of Amsterdam.