One Year of Trump

90 minuten

Video On Demand: De Balie TV + De Balie Vimeo. November 8 marks the first – and possibly last – anniversary of the election of President Donald Trump. To call the Trump presidency turbulent, chaotic and dangerous is an understatement. All jokes and shocks aside; many people are looking for reflection and insight into today’s United States. Who better to provide both than Ryan Lizza, the Washington correspondent for The New Yorker and on-air contributor for CNN.  Lizza will take the stage to fill us in on what’s really going on in the White House. We see glimpses of what happens behind the scenes, with grown-ups calling each other names, playing games of thrones and leaving as fast as they entered the 'scene'. One of the best stories of the past months was that of Anthony Scaramucci. Ryan Lizza was the one who got a call from the White House Communications Director, about the leaks from the White House. Lizza’s story in The New Yorker about this call led to the firing of Sacaramucci after just 10 days in office. This, and much more will be discussed with moderator Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal – who reads, tweets, breathes American politics – on this Sunday afternoon with one of the most prominent White House correspondents. Editor: Thomas van Neerbos In collaboration with The John Adams Institute