Opening expo Motley Mexico

120 minuten

We invite you to join us at the festive opening of the exhibition "Motley Mexico" that will be on show in the cafe and foyer of De Balie for a whole month! This exhibition offers an intimate, albeit fractured glimpse of Mexican society through the eyes of a diverse group of Mexican, North American and European artists. A collection of self-reflexive stories about the daily balancing act between the holy and the profane, pride and self-deprecation, hope and fear. Including Tequila Tasting & Silent Auction with graphic art from Puebla, Mexico! With work of: Demian Flores, Maya Goded, Edgardo Aragon, Joaquin Segura, Louis Hock, Andrea Carillo, Moniek Driesse, Annelys de Vet and Analía Solomonoff (The Subjective Atlas of Mexico) and graphic artists from Puebla. Curated by Erika Sprey and Insha Klinkenberg. Motley Mexico forms part of The Mexican Connection #1 Society vs. the State.