Press Conference

60 minuten

Ali al-Marri, alongside his lawyers and Garden Court Chambers will be holding a press conference today at 12pm. They will provide details of filings for arrest warrants in the UK and other jurisdictions for the arrest of former FBI agent Ali Soufan. In documents released yesterday and reported on by De Zeit, de Volkskrant and CAGE, six US agents are named and alleged to have been involved in the systematic torture of Ali al-Marri. The named agents belong either to the FBI, Department of Defense or the CIA: Ali Soufan, Jose Ramos, Nicholas Zambeck, Jacqualine McGuire, I Kalous and Russell Lawson.  A brief press conference will be addressed by the following who will be available for interview and comment: Ali al-Marri, Qatari Businessman held for 13 years in solitary confinement as an ‘enemy combatant’ on US soil, alleging torture by FBI agents
Andrew J. Savage of Savage Law Firm, US lawyer for al-Marri
Susan Wright of Garden Court Chambers, UK lawyer for al-Marri
Muhammad Rabbani – arrested by UK border police for protecting al-Marri’s confidential material