Russia Report: A part of Europe or apart from Europe?

120 minuten

Live webcast
from 15:00 C.E.S.T. via Video On Demand: De Balie TV + De Balie Vimeo. We tend to overlook Russia when discussing the future of European democracy, whereas 77 percent of the Russian population lives on European territory. A missed opportunity, since Europe can no longer afford to consider the future of European collaboration and democracy solely from a Western-European perspective. In Russia: A part of Europe or apart from Europe, Kysia Hekster (former NOS-correspondent Russia) asks Russian thinkers and artists to reflect on the future of Europe. What’s their take on the future of European democracy and the European Union? How does the ideological question of Russia being a part of or apart from Europe resonate in their ideas and work? With: Sergey Ponomarev is a Russian photographer, contributor to the New York Times and the second individual Pulitzer Prize winner from Russia since 1992. He shared a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography "for photographs that captured the resolve of refugees, the perils of their journeys and the struggle of host countries to take them in." He will talk about his work with regards to the refugee crisis – and if this European crisis is also a Russian crisis. Alisa Prudnikova is commissioner and the Artistic Director of the largest regional art project with international participation, on the territory of the Russian Federation: the Urial Industrial Biennial in Ekaterinburg. Only five years after inception, the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art has become an established initiative in the art world, featuring the most exciting local as well as world-renowned artistic talents. Prudnikova is looking into East-West relations while working on a new platform: The Renaissance Project in Brussels. The project will be launched in 2019-2020 and focusses on culture and its impact on the future of urban environment. In Russia: A part of Europe or apart from Europe, Prudnikova will talk about her project and reflect on how Europe and Russia resonate within her work. Choreographer Oxana Chevtchouk will reflect on European values and culture in a dance duet with Rosanne Bakker. Actors Vanja Rukavina and Thomas Dudkiewicz will enrich the program with lively intermezzi, reciting texts from famous and less famous Russian authors. This programme is a part of the second edition of the Forum on European Culture: “Act for Democracy!”. At a time when the future of Europe is more uncertain than ever before, we bring together leading and inspiring artists, thinkers, economists and politicians during a 4-day interdisciplinary programme to discuss Europe and its future. More information: Let op! Dit programma vindt plaats in Frascati