Sarah Kendzior on president Trump and the authoritarian state

120 minuten

Video on demand: De Balie TV + De Balie Vimeo. “A lot of things that Trump was doing in his campaign reminded me of things I saw in Uzbekistan, Russia, and other authoritarian states around the world. Alarm bells started going off in my head. This was bad. I kept saying that he had a good chance of winning and was dismissed as histrionic or pessimistic. I wish I'd been wrong.”
Sarah Kendzior – Cosmopolitan, 30 January, 2017 On Sunday, February 19, Sarah Kendzior will speak about the new US president, his policies, and the authoritarian state for #RESIST1902. Kendzior is a writer and journalist from St. Louis, Missouri, and one of the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump. She studied authoritarian states for over a decade and argues that the United States is rapidly becoming one. She fears for the freedom of speech and the free press, and does not trust the US outlets to remain free and independent.  She currently serves as the Flyover Country Correspondent for The Correspondent. During this evening, Kendzior will zoom in on what is happening on the current situation in the United States, and what she believes is each citizen’s task.  In an recent article for the Correspondent Kendzior wrote: "Authoritarianism is not merely a matter of state control, it is something that eats away at who you are. It makes you afraid, and fear can make you cruel. It compels you to conform and to comply and accept things that you would never accept, to do things you never thought you would do."

What does authoritarianism do to states and their people? How does it operate? And how can you protect yourself and others? After the lecture there will be a panel discussion with: Bertine Moenaff, is a political journalist for NPO Radio 1. She worked for Anthony Wiener during his time in the House of Representatives. Sophie van den Enk, studied American Studies. She is a television presenter for KRO-NCRV. Kirsten van der Hul is candidate for the Dutch Parliament for the Dutch Labour Party. She is also a publicist, change agent and won the Joke Smit Prijs. The Joke Smit Prijs is a bi-annual lifetime achievement award from the Dutch government for people or organisations working to achieve gender equality. The programme will be moderated by Sarah Sluimer. This programme is a cooperation between Lebowksi Publishers, #Resist1902 and De Balie.