Afro_Vibes: Sustainable art in a post Covid-19 world

Afro_Vibes 2020 @ De Balie

Maarten van Hinte
In times in which individualism and nationalism seems to flourish Afro_Vibes Festival 2020 central theme is “Entanglements”. For three days artists from all over the world come together in De Balie to exchange work and ideas, although they can’t physically be together. A three-day programme with presentations, talk shows and live streaming of performances (live and digital).

How sustainable is the art sector during the pandemic? How can artists continue to share their stories, in times when people feel the need to hear other people’s stories. In what ways will Covid-19 change the art sector on the long term?

We start the evening with a short presentation of Le syndrome de l’exilé, a performance by Babacar Cissé in which he examines the human experience of exile.

Saundra Williams, artistic leader of the education department Production and Stage Management (Amsterdamse academie voor theater en dans) will give a keynote lecture. Afterwards she will enter into conversation with Babacar Cissé and Jennifer Tosch, founder of the Black Heritage Tours.

After the official presentation it’s possible to stay for the screening of Songs of Water.

Moderator: Maarten van Hinte

Afro_Vibes 2020 | Entanglements / Inseparably Connected

While there are undeniably differences in language, culture, ways of living and communicating between the cultures of our world, there is a entanglement that encompasses all of us and which we are all part of. Even in moments of physical isolation for our safety, there is a sense of community. Because we know that an individual action by one of us can affect hundreds of us. We all go through this together and we can only solve it together. It is this interwovenness and associate intimacy that Afro_Vibes puts at the forefront this year.


Babacar CisséChoreographer
Saundra WilliamsArtistic leader, teacher (Amsterdamse academie voor theater en dans)
Jennifer ToschFounder Black Heritage Tours


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