Tällberg Foundation’s Workshop and Celebration of Leadership

360 minuten

The Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders will come together with a select group of participants on November 28-29, 2016 in De Balie. About The Tällberg Foundation
The Tällberg Foundation aims to provoke people to think differently about the global issues that are shaping their present and their future. More a platform and a facilitator than an organization, The Tällberg Foundation is fundamentally borderless: we convene people from widely disparate backgrounds, perspectives, cultures and disciplines wherever that conversation can be most productive. The Foundation has a history of recognizing and engaging pathfinding leaders who are seeking to make a difference in a complicated global environment. The Foundation strives to engage with and celebrate individuals who rethink assumptions, have endured and overcome challenges to their ideas and actions, and have established ongoing networks of engagement with the potential for enduring effect. In 2015, the Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders and Leadership Prize were established. Tällberg Foundation believes that identifying, honoring and nurturing great leaders – whose actions are rooted in universal values – will not only help them as they continue to provoke the kinds of changes that are needed today, but also encourage others to follow their examples. Tällberg Foundation Celebration of Leaders and Leadership
On November 29, the Tällberg Foundation is paying tribute to the Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders. During this event, the two winners of this year will be announced. Access by invitation only. Leadership for a Better Future
As part of the Tällberg Foundation Leadership Prize, De Balie also organizes a public programme on November 28 in which this years’ nominees – powerful leaders from South Africa to Costa Rica – tell their story. The programme starts at 17.00 hrs. Buy your tickets here!
The 2016 Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders are: Eleni Antoniadou is a multidisciplinary researcher in Regenerative Medicine, Artificial Organ Bioengineering and Space Medicine who focuses on the development of artificial organs from stem cells as an alternative therapeutic pathway for transplantations. She also serves as the President of the European Health Parliament in Brussels and is an advocate in raising awareness about illegal and immoral organ trafficking. Christiana Figueres served as Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for the past six years where her innovative diplomacy helped to deliver the unprecedented climate change agreement last December. Sunitha Krishnan is the Co-Founder of Prajwala, an anti-sex trafficking organization in Hyderabad, India that has evolved pioneering, effective rehabilitation programs for victims of sex crime and sex trafficking. She has also advocated for policy changes and legal reforms for the welfare of victims of sex trafficking. Thuli Nomkhosi Madonsela is the Public Protector of South Africa and Chairperson of the African Ombudsman Research Centre in Durban, South Africa who has leveraged the power of her office to promote good governance, executive ethics and the rule of law in the face of entrenched opposition. Celina de Sola is the Co-Founder of Glasswing, a community-based education and public health initiative based in El Salvador that works throughout Central America. By employing an open, engaging, and optimistic lens towards development, she and her colleagues have catalyzed unlikely, but successful collaborations among government, business, and community groups—often in the context of otherwise violent societies. Please find more information on the Global Leaders here. In 2015 the five Tällberg Foundation Leaders were:
Jamila Afghani, Founder and Program Director of the Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Antonella Battaglini, Founder and CEO of the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) in Berlin, Germany.
Jason Glaser, Founder, President and CEO of La Isla Foundation in San Salvador, El Salvador and Chicago, Illinois.
Martín von Hildebrand, Founder and General Director, Fundación Gaia Amazonas in Bogota, Colombia.
Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, Founder and Chairman of the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation in Chennai, India. Both the Global Leaders from 2015 and 2016 will be present in De Balie on November 28-29. About the workshops
On November 28-29, 2016, the Tällberg Foundation will welcome the Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders to Amsterdam in an interactive workshop on leadership in the 21st century. The two-day meeting will provide the Global Leaders and a diverse group of other leaders, the opportunity to explore the challenges, risks and opportunities confronting us at this time of increasing global uncertainty. The two-day workshop will be designed to look at leadership through the lens of the
migration challenge, continuing earlier conversations of Tällberg workshops. We will also draw on the lessons learned from the Global Leaders to understand the leadership qualities and strategies needed to meet the challenges of our time. The participants will explore new paths and other frames of reference at a time when complexity, opportunities and choices facing our society and our planet have never been greater. As part of the learning process, the Tällberg Foundation wants to encourage the selected Global Leaders to share their successes, failures, how to regroup when met with resistance and how to forge relationships. They will reflect on their own leadership by visiting partner organizations in the Netherlands on the morning prior to the start of the workshop. Partner organizations are encouraged to hold salons with leaders selected from their own organizations.  Find the complete programme schedule here!