The European Gen Z Manifesto

Change is in Our Hands

programmamaker & moderator
Anne-Marijn Epker
In samenwerking met
New Heroes
In Samenwerking met
In Search of Democracy 3.0

Our future leaders are the forgotten voice in current European politics. Their Fridays for Future campaign sparked publicity but the youth are among the most impacted by the Corona measures. Due to their vital place in society, they must be heard and taken seriously.

Therefore, in the run up to the Forum on European Culture ‘We the People’ in September 2020, Dutch student Dilara Bilgiç (18) started a correspondence with teens in the European community about their opinions on the state of democracy in Europe today. What needs to change in Europe and how will the youth build agency to ensure their voices are heard?

On this evening teens from all over Europe will exchange perspectives for the role of the youth in Europe’s democracy. Along with her fellow European youngsters, Dilara will share her views on the dilemmas Europe is facing and how to tackle them. The letters containing concrete recommendations will be handed over to MEP Samira Rafaela and widely shared among politicians and youth organizations following the program.

About the Gen Z Manifesto

The Forum on European Culture, in collaboration with Dilara Bilgiç & New Heroes, initiated the chain letter project A New Generation in Search of a New Democracy. Dilara wrote a letter to fellow European teenagers which resulted in a dialogue between youngsters from across the continent. These letters were an integral part of the exposition In Search of Democracy 3.0 during the Forum on European Culture.

This programme is organised in cooperation with New Heroes, Dilara Bilgic, and supported by DutchCulture.

Find here the European Gen Z Manifesto – and share it with your fellow youngsters troughout Europe! Send it to local, national ór European politicians, and share it with youth organisations. Together, we can make our voice heard!


Samira RafaelaMember of European Parliament
Dilara BilgiçAuthor
Amara van der ElstSpoken Word Artist
Ineta BuivideLatvian Student
Talitha Muusse Initiator of several youth initiatives

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