The Impossible Story- NOOR

90 minuten

Watch The Impossible Story live at 20:30 Any remaining seats will be available at the door. Following a welcome from NOOR’s new Managing Director, Clément Saccomani, photographers Stanley Greene, Bénédicte Kurzen and Asim Rafiqui will each show and discuss what many may consider to be an 'impossible story’ – an important social, political and cultural issue that defies the obvious photographic treatment and requires the photographer to rethink her approach. Each photographer will give insight into the challenges they faced and the approach they took to produce a body of work that would otherwise have simply been passed over. What happens when the issue, the situation or the circumstances do not permit or posses the obvious photograph? What does a photographer, who believes in the issue and is determined to bring it to light, do when s/he finds herself unable to find and/or take photographs? The NOOR photographers discuss a project each that confronted them with this challenge, and talk about how, determined to tell the story, they chose unconventional and unexpected approaches to it. During the week of 16-20 November, Stanley, Bénédicte and Asim are teaching the NOOR-Nikon Amsterdam Masterclass with 15 young, aspiring photojournalists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom at De Balie. As part of the week's program the NOOR Foundation, with support from Nikon, has organized this evening – open to local industry professionals and the public at large. The evening will be moderated by Nadia Moussaid. Following the event, NOOR invites you to join us for a drink at De Balie bar (included with your registration). The event is free of cost, but registration is necessary (click Koop tickets to register).