The Island

What decisions do the local representatives make when disasters strike the Island?

Film Premiere
Produced by
Forum on European Culture
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De Balie
commissioned by
Coventry UK City of Culture
Imagine you find yourself on an island in the sea, not far from the mainland. You live there with all kinds of people. How can you best protect the island and the islanders if a disaster strikes the land?

The Island is an exciting online social experiment in which a diverse group of citizens from Coventry democratically have to create a shared home on an island under various circumstances. What rules do we need to ensure peace and tranquility? At what price can prosperity be maintained? When and why is solidarity needed?

In the past months 12 Coventry residents started this journey. The recorded interviews and sessions will be edited into a short film that will premiere in Coventry on August 22nd followed by a panel and audience discussion. The online premiere of the film will be available on this webpage.

The Island is a project produced by De Balie, The Netherlands’ foremost venue for contemporary arts, politics and culture, the Hungarian theatre- and film director Árpád Schilling, and Coventry the UK City of Culture 2021. The Island is a sequel to The Vaccine, a similar experiment developed within the context of the Forum on European Culture 2020.

Online premiere

The online film premiere of The Island will appear at 16:00 on our homepage. Or you can watch the premiere on YouTube.