This is What We Know about Your Future

Two prominent European thinkers, the Italian writer Francesca Melandri (who wrote this letter from Italy to the UK in March) and British journalist for the Financial Times Gideon Rachman share their knowledge about Europe’s future.

This programme is part of the festival Forum on European Culture, 17 – 20 September in Amsterdam.

What are the economic scenarios and will the political Union survive the crises caused by the coronavirus? We will look at possibilities to foster a sense of solidarity amongst the European people, and will examine the possibilities of revolutionary forces that will change Europe for the better.

Francesca Melandri and Gideon Rachman will join us online via zoom.

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This event will be livestreamed on our website.


Francesca Melandri (Italy, 1964) is an Italian author, screenwriter, and documentary filmmaker. Her novels, such as her award-winning debut Eva Sleeps (2010) and Sangue giusto (2017, translated into Dutch under the name De lange weg naar Rome), deal with themes such as regional identity, Italy’s national identity, and its amnesia with respect to its fascist and colonial past.

Gideon Rachman (United Kingdom, 1963) is a British journalist, author, and commentator. He is the chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times. His main interests include American foreign policy, the European Union, and globalization. Rachman’s books include Zero-Sum World and Easternisation – War and Peace in the Asian Century. The latter argues that the 500 years of Western domination of global politics is coming to an end due to the rise of new powers in Asia.

Marcia Luyten is a Dutch journalist, publicist and author. She presented the Dutch talkshow ‘Buitenhof’ for several years, is the author of Queen Maxima’s biography and is passionate about literature, music and politics.