Tim Evans at De Balie

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World Bank leader Tim Evans on Universal Health Coverage In the Netherlands, quality healthcare is a given. We have health insurance, that we manage through an app on our phones and call a doctor or hospital when we need care. We live in a society in which we do not have to worry about the access to and costs of healthcare. We enjoy a privilege that the majority of people around the world do not have. That has to change. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable quality healthcare at all times. This is what Universal Health Coverage is all about. The Joep Lange Institute is proud to announce that, on June 20, Tim Evans, Senior Director of Health, Nutrition and Population at the World Bank, will give a lecture on the need for and path to Universal Health Coverage. How to get to Universal Health Coverage is a huge challenge. It will involve collaboration between the public and private sector. Political will is essential. As is sustainable financing. Mobile technology can be a catalyst. After the lecture, the moderator will lead an interactive discussion between Dr. Evans and the audience about the path to Universal Health Coverage. On Tim Evans:
Tim Evans is the Senior Director of Health, Nutrition and Population of the World Bank. Together with the World Bank, he aims to work towards the realization of Universal Health Coverage. Besides this, he is active as the board member of several international health alliances. He has been actively involved in efforts to strengthen health systems for more than 20 years.
The Joep Lange Institute (JLI) promotes a digital agenda for global health innovation to make health markets work for the poor. Mobile technology is causing disruption on a global scale; making us re-think traditional health markets. The digital revolution offers unprecedented opportunities to make health care more efficient and inclusive. We work with innovators, influencers and partners to shape the agenda, test promising innovations, and advocate for policy change to create a new, equitable health infrastructure.
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