Adrian Waschmann

STUDIO Europa 2
Foto: Jan Boeve / De Balie

German-born Adrian Waschmann came to his adopted home of Amsterdam in 2007. After completing his studies here and in London, he has worked in Brussels, Bogotá and New York. Between 2014-22 he lived in Berlin, working as a curator for among others HKW & Gropius Bau. His focus is to merge supposedly conflicting art disciplines and to explore how new forms of artistic expression can emerge beyond the canon. Additionally, he researches academically the process of European integration in relation to national identities.

Adrian is particularly interested in the strengthening of European citizenship and in giving it more weight and importance. To this end, he wants to explore how more attention can be drawn to this topic within the European public sphere and how the rights of EU citizens living in another Member State can be more heard, protected and developed, ultimately leading to the dissolution of national passports and thus different legal treatments within the EU – in a distant but envisioned future.