Corine Fontijn

STUDIO Europa 2
Foto: Jan Boeve / De Balie

Angry farmers, low voter turnout and declining trust in government. Corine Fontijn works daily to turn the tide by representing the voice of a region in Parliament. Increasingly, regions are not only spaces of opportunity, but also of tension due to the changing landscape that comes with the necessary energy transition. 

Corine is convinced of the importance of understanding how to influence the EU to create a space where regions are empowered to engage in transitions justly. Although she has experience in uncovering a region’s needs and translating those politically, Corine is now on a mission to move beyond the simple and often-used urban-regional division frame in order to find out what is really needed to regain trust in government everywhere. 

With the help of De Balie, Corine hopes to find answers-  and she hopes to find her own political voice too. 

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