Dasha Simons

STUDIO Europa 2
Foto: Jan Boeve / De Balie

Dasha Simons is passionate about bringing the human heartbeat into technology development by designing AI that is more explainable, transparent and fairer. 

AI was deemed to be objective due to its foundation in math, however this is far from the truth. As society we learned AI can be biased and scale inequality if not developed in trustworthy ways. Dasha strongly believes that a design approach can support the technological and policy feats in translating abstract AI ethics principles into practice. Moreover, to influence more responsible AI use across the world, we must invigorate our European Trustworthy AI approach. How do we ensure that the upcoming European regulation will have the beneficial and global impact we aspire?

At IBM, as a Managing Consultant Trustworthy AI, she advises operational to C-level on trustworthy AI. Internally, she leads the Trustworthy AI Training for the EMEA region. Further, Dasha is an advisory board member of the AI Futures Lab at TU Delft, a frequent speaker at events and has co-authored publications in design and trend forecasting. 

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