Ilya Shcharbitski


Ilya Shcharbitski is activist and go-getter.

Ilya Shcharbitski is an activist and go-getter in several aspects of life.

Before spring 2020 Ilya was active in various projects for Peace and Environment in The Hague, orchestrating events and sitting as chairman for several organisations. Having grown up in the Netherlands, Ilya has become accustomed to the freedoms, rights and opportunities available to all. The political events taking place in Belarus have shaped the course of Ilya’s activism, in which demonstrating for political freedom has become central. Ilya now drives his vision to show the EU and its people the realities taking place at their borders, such as the situation in Belarus. He is connected to a worldwide network of Belarusians who together organise efforts to spread awareness, including protests and cultural events across Europe. He has taken the lead of the Belarus movement in the Netherlands.

Ilya leads with compassion and strives to improve dialogue between countries for unity and cooperation.

Ilya Shcharbitski in the media

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