Lena Hartog

STUDIO Europa 2
Foto: Jan Boeve / De Balie

Lena Hartog is a freelance trainer and strategist working with European climate movements. Lena wants to build a wave of normal people taking collective action against the climate crisis. To make climate action mainstream, she wants to break the spell of hyper-individualism and create a new type of collectivity. 

The climate crisis shows we need systems change, but the current plans are not fast, fair and deep enough for the emergency of the crisis. To build a wider movement she helps people find their way in the crisis. She trains people on navigating the crisis emotionally, influencing their organization and switching to a career in climate change.  

The climate movement has successfully pushed for a European Green New Deal but the organisations in power are fighting hard to keep Business as Usual. The current plans fail to reach the goals and don’t assure a fair transition for workers.  Lena knows that we need everyone everywhere to raise their voice, from the European Union to our local governments and workplaces. To fight the thousands of lobbyists we need millions of citizens. 

With campaigning strategies and constructive activism, Lena brings climate action from the streets into the board room and kitchen table. She’s currently writing a self help guide for societal change that will be published with Ambo Anthos next year.