Thomas van Dijk

STUDIO Europa 2
Foto: Jan Boeve / De Balie

Thomas van Dijk wonders why global problems are not really solved together. Global problems such as climate change, and, well, climate change. 

In this digitally connected world information can flow freely in splits of a second. Doesn’t that offer us new opportunities? 

Instead of collaborative innovation, often solutions are developed in competitive isolation with the consequence that in many places in Europe people and companies are reinventing the wheel, over, and over again.  

Europe can change this and unite citizen communities and crucial industries by investing in publicly available open-source technological solutions. 

At Waag Futurelab Thomas works on this goal with different European cooperatives, the city of Amsterdam and Dutch governmental bodies. At Studio EUROPA De Balie Thomas hopes to learn how to engage a wider audience of policy makers in realizing this mission. Or to better understand the ideological, political, social, or technical hurdles that prevent us from turning the wheel together.