Wouter van Monsjou

STUDIO Europa 2
Foto: Jan Boeve / De Balie

Wouter van Monsjou cares deeply about Mother Earth. Understanding the scale of global pollution, ecosystem destruction and biodiversity collapse, he wants to contribute to a more sustainable and just society that works for both humans and non-humans.

He takes a systems-change approach, collaborating with diverse stakeholders towards global sustainability goals. At IDH, a global organisation transforming markets, he manages a team researching and advising on inclusive business models in smallholder farmer value chains. Primarily focused on Africa, he aims to improve livelihoods of rural communities, protect forests and landscapes, and build resilience against imminent climate change.

At STUDIO Europa, Wouter brings his perspective on the intricate yet fascinating African-European relationship. He believes Europeans have much to learn about and from their Southern neighbors. Can the two continents heal their past and build a bond based on trust and reciprocity?