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Murders, death threats and ‘fake news’: Across the globe media freedom is increasingly under pressure. United States President Donald Trump’s expressed aversion to the media is even so severe that a coalition of journalists created a tracker to monitor legal and physical threats facing journalists in the US.

As of November, around the world 77 journalists – often reporters investigating corruption – were killed in 2018 and many more were threatened. Also in Europe, journalists are not safe, including in the Netherlands, Malta, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Turkey, where Saudi Arabian officials murdered the Washington Post columnist and Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi.

Getting justice for these murders and threats has been extremely difficult. What does the future hold for media freedom?

With: Jan Kooy (Deputy European Media Director at Human Rights Watch) and Nabil Khoury (Iraq Programme Director at Institute for War and Peace Reporting) and Clarice Gargard. Clarice is journalist, and currently writes a weekly column for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Clarice Gargard is also working on a documentary and a book on her family history and the Liberian civil wars. Füsün Erdoğan is a Dutch-Turkish journalist who spend 8 years in prison in Turkey because of her work. Now she is free and living in the Netherlands.

Moderator: David Campbell Director of Programs and Outreach at World Press Photo Foundation