The premiere of Kirac 16: King Philip.

Kate Sinha, Stefan Ruitenbeek and Tarik Sadouma are invited to the Van Abbemuseum by King Philip, where they find themselves in a strange triangle with a bunch of millionaires and Charles Esche, director of the Van Abbemuseum.

Who has which lead, who takes which role, who creates the art and who owns the space? Come, see and question this yourself, because this latest Kirac film is unique in the way it captures how responsibilities, visibilities and power structures keep on fluctuating. Not only the contemporary art world is questioned, but also money behind and in it.

This is the first time the film will be shown to an audience. The film will be introduced by director and screenwriter Martin Koolhoven and followed by a Q&A with Kate Sinha and Stefan Ruitenbeek of Kirac.


What is Keeping It Real Art Critics?

In their films, KIRAC bounces into institutions, art dealers, artists, and other members of the cultural establishment, creating new artistic territory as they go. The recurring characters are living out their own cultural/mythological search for truth. Kirac is a loosely orchestrated, and meticulously assembled perspective on the different ideological and cultural frameworks that define our time. Every episode is defined by a specific mentally projected ‘problem’ of which Kirac shows the labyrinths of thought and their institutionalised hierarchies.