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With her work, Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk has won the International Man Booker Prize. Many consider Olga Tokarczuk, author of eleven popularly and critically acclaimed works of fiction and non-fiction, to be the most important Polish writer of her generation. She is also controversial in her home country. Her critical approach on Polish history, shedding a light on the darker chapters of the country, has led to smear campaigns by Polish politicans and right wing groups. Program editor Anne-Marijn Epker speaks with Tokarczuk about the Dutch edition of her latest work The Books of Jacob and we reflect together with Polish-Dutch journalist & writer Dore van Duivenbode on Tokarczuk’s fiction, life and current developments in Poland.

In her twelfth book, The Books of Jacob, Tokarczuk searches for Jacob Frank, a highly controversial historical figure and the leader of a mysterious, heretical Jewish splinter group that converted at different times to both Islam and Catholicism.

With a short introduction by Goska Diederen, member of the board of Stichting Literatura.

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