In a panel discussion, the invited speakers will consider contemporary as well as historical transnational connections between some of the key actors on the European far-right and ‘identitarian’ scene, addressing their strategies for claiming space on social media and in the popular imaginary. Are there lessons to be learned for other political actors?

Andrea Mammone is a historian of European fascism and the contemporary far right, and their ideological and transnational dimensions. He is a regular contributor to media discussions on the new discourses and politics of the far-right.

Marc Tuters is a scholar of web subcultures. His most recent research examines 4chan, an ephemeral “imageboard” whose vernacular meme culture occupies a position at the very outermost fringe of contemporary web culture. Once famous as the home of the Anonymous movement, today 4chan is more likely to be associated with the extreme-right.

Linda Bos researches election campaigns, populism, media use and media effects. She is assistant professor in political communication at the Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR).

Luiza Bialasiewicz is a political geographer and Professor of European Governance at the University of Amsterdam. She is the co-director of ACES, the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies.


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