HRWeekend: Made in Bangladesh

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Dutch premiere of Made in Bangladesh (2019) with aftertalk about human rights violations in the clothing industry.

Dutch premiere

Made in Bangladesh (Drama Film)
Shimu, 23, works in a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Faced with difficult conditions at work, she decides to start a union with her co-workers. Despite threats from the management and disapproval of her husband, Shimu is determined to go on. Together the women must fight and find a way.

The film will be followed by a discussion about human rights violations in the clothing industry. Where do we, the consumers, governments and brands stand? What can we do?


  • Aruna Kashyap, Senior Counsel, Women’s Rights at Human Rights Watch
  • Alexander Kohnstamm, Executive Director at Fair Wear Foundation
  • Jos Huber, Senior Policy Officer at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Christie Miedema, Campaign and Outreach Coordinator at Clean Clothes Campaign

Got curious already? Read this Dutch article that was published about this program by De Groene Amsterdammer on January 29th, 2020.

Human Rights Weekend

Human Rights Watch, De Balie, and partners present the eighth edition of Human Rights Weekend. Find out where you stand and learn more about human rights, by participating in a weekend of films, discussions, and more. Meet film directors, Human Rights Watch researchers, journalists, and others and discover your position on topics such as the link between human rights violations and your clothing, the struggles involved in being intersex, and the use of protest as a tool for change. The event covers a wide range of countries, from France to China and from Bangladesh to Chile. Join us in Amsterdam, and find out where you stand.

All programs will be in English.


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