HRWeekend: No Box For Me. An Intersex Story

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A beautifully crafted, poetic documentary followed by a discussion about what it means to be intersex in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Dutch Premiere

No Box For Me. An Intersex Story (Documentary Film)
M is 27 years old. Deborah is just 25. Both are living in bodies that Western medicine—and often society—deems too taboo to discuss publicly. Like an estimated 1.7 percent of people, they were born with variations in their sex characteristics that were different from classical understandings of male or female. For M, growing up intersex has also meant grappling with the fact that she underwent medically unnecessary surgeries to “normalize” her body as a very young child. But when M finds Deborah online, she is introduced to new voices, language, and representations that allow her to expand her understanding of who she is, beyond medical terms. This beautifully crafted, poetic documentary joins brave young people as they seek to re-appropriate their bodies and explore their identities, revealing both the limits of binary visions of sex and gender, and the irreversible physical and psychological impact of non-consensual surgeries on infants.

The film will be introduced by Graeme Reid, Director LGBT+ Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, and followed by a discussion about what it means to have an intersex experience in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

  • Samantha Diaz (committed to creating intersex awareness using her own experience)
  • Margriet van Heesch, PhD (Social Scientist at University of Amsterdam specialized in gender)

Moderator: Valentijn de Hingh (model, writer, DJ and activist)

Human Rights Weekend

Human Rights Watch, De Balie, and partners present the eighth edition of Human Rights Weekend. Find out where you stand and learn more about human rights, by participating in a weekend of films, discussions, and more. Meet film directors, Human Rights Watch researchers, journalists, and others and discover your position on topics such as the link between human rights violations and your clothing, the struggles involved in being intersex, and the use of protest as a tool for change. The event covers a wide range of countries, from France to China and from Bangladesh to Chile. Join us in Amsterdam, and find out where you stand.

All programs will be in English.


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HRWeekend 2020:
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