Pink Lounge: Film + Conversation

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Programme editor
Programme editor
Sheifunmi Yusuf
Running time
Nigeria, Lagos
Welcome to Pink Lounge. Home to vivacious and fierce unrulies who face all odds despite their freedom being at stake. Inspired by true events set before the 2014 Same-Sex Prohibition Act in Nigeria. The film is set in a year before the SSMPA bill was passed into law, criminalizing same sex unions and activities in the country. After the film, we will speak to fashion designer Papa Oyeyemi about his film and his work as a fashion designer.

Many scenes in the film are inspired by true events, depicting how safe spaces were formed before 2014 for individuals who were deemed unconventional, queer or artsy. The film will also highlight the concept of House culture. House Culture in Western Africa grew as a result of found spaces and queer youths seeking shelter, solace, and freedom. 

Fashion label Maxivive has a reputation for shaking up the Nigerian fashion community, pushing an idea of minimalism and androgyny that turns traditional menswear tropes upside down and inside out.

Vrijdenkersfestival is onderdeel van Amsterdam 750 jaar. Op 27 oktober 2025 bestaat Amsterdam 750 jaar en in aanloop van deze mijlpaal worden diverse programma’s, waaronder Vrijdenkersfestival, georganiseerd om dit te vieren. 


Papa OyeyemiFashion designer (Maxivive)