WCA: The Seen and Unseen + Q&A + Short Film

World Cinema Amsterdam: Indonesian film The Seen and Unseen + Q&A with director Kamila Andini.

10-year-old Tantra is gravely ill: a tumour is shutting down all his bodily functions. He is dying. His mother and twin sister Tantri watch helplessly as he slips into a coma. At night, Tantri dreams of when her brother was not yet ill. She dreams of them playing, singing, and dancing together again. Her dreams are a tribute to Tantra’s life.

With her self-written 2011 debut film The Mirror Never Lies, director Kamila Andini demonstrated her ability to capture the thoughts and feelings of a child. She proves this again with her second feature by showing, very credibly, a 10-year-old girl preparing herself for a big loss. Despite the heavy subject matter, the film is never gloomy or desolate – far from it, as it is actually filled with life and colour. An engaging drama that was awarded at the 2018 Berlinale, and more.

After the film screening  there will be a Q&A with the director.

This day focuses on independent cinema from Indonesia and to celebrate this occasion we offer a special Indonesian dinner menu which you can reserve online. You can either choose Rendang with atjar, white rice and Krupuk or the vegetarian option Sajoer Lodeh. The meals will be prepared by our head chef Marc Raven.

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+ Short Film: Elinah

14-year-old Elinah is seven months pregnant and preparing herself for life as a stay-at-home wife. While living with her much older husband in a foreign city far away from her village, Elinah often chatted with the baby in her tummy to fight boredom and loneliness.

About the directors:

Kamila Andini (1986, Indonesia) is an Indonesian director known for her acclaimed debut The Mirror Never Lies (2011). She is the daughter of Garin Nugroho (also screening in Cinema Indonesia). The Seen and Unseen (2017) world premièred at Toronto International Film Festival 2018 and has won awards including the Best Feature Film Generation Kplus award at Berlin 2018.

Ninndi Raras (1989, Indonesia) is an Indonesian director and the founder of Labide Studio, a production company based in Yogyakarta. Her short films have screened at various international film festivals.


Kamila Andini(1986, Indonesia) Filmdirector
Zara ToksözModerator