Exhibition about the theme of this year’s Afro_Vibes Festival, Speak Truth to Power, by curators Ingrid Masondo and Cathal McKee. Ingrid Masondo focuses on the invisible histories, stories that were never told and the recording in images. She selects African artists who ask questions about identity, ethnicity, gender and identification and who is dissect existing images about history. Cathal Mckee presents graphic work and illustrations by young contemporary artists from Africa and the Afro-Dutch diaspora. He reflects on beauty hidden in truth.

“The Instagram version of the truth that media and influencers post and share often dominates our view of the world. Do we find the truth important or do we scroll past it? Many artists and designers want to share their truth, tell or re-imagine incorrect stories form the past.”

At 19:00, we open the exhibition with curators Ingrid Masondo and Cathal McKee. After the opening you can go to the performance Elegy, which is also part of Afro_Vibes Festival.

The SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER exhibition presents new and emerging art from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, USA and the Netherlands. Now in it’s 6th year the exhibition has become a mainstay of the Afro_vibes Performing Arts Festival experience. Timely, this one’s title ‘Speak Truth to Power’ shows how artists are reacting to fake news and current affairs. A mix of well established political cartoonists and seasoned commentators together with fresh never seen before work from artists who contacted me through instagram.