Afrovibes Performance: Act(s) and Sweats

Dance | Solo | Tunisia

AFrovibes 2024
Curated by
Marjorie Boston
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This performance is part of Afrovibes Festival, taking place at De Balie on 11 and 12 October, featuring a lineup of performances and talks. Act(s) and Sweats is the final part of a triptych in which Tunisian choreographer Hamdi Dridri pays tribute to the hard-working body.

It is a choreography in the form of a ‘sound study’ in which Dridri transforms everyday repetitive gestures and actions into dance. He choreographs what the body carries with it as a memory. Beneath Dridri’s gestures, working bodies subtly appear: a movement, a colourful scarf, a voice, a melody. He connects fragments of memories – of his family, the Middle East and Egypt, the rhythms and colours of his childhood and adolescence – with his Arab roots and an homage to Tunis. His timeless hip-hop is enhanced by the music, a mix of industrial sounds, funk and traditional songs, touching the most sensitive emotions.

Upfront: Afrovibes talk

Previous to the performance you can visit the Afrovibes Talk: The North-African diaspora & black identity (see below). You can buy a combi ticket to visit both the talk and performance.

Programma / za 12 oktober 2024

Afrovibes Talk: The North-African diaspora & black identity

North-African countries are often not considered African, but seen as Arabic countries. How do artists from North-African descent or from the North-African diaspora express their identity in art? What is their sense of belonging?

Image: Bayrem Ben Mrad

Act(s) and Sweats | (c) Bayrem Ben Mrad