Afrovibes Talk: The North-African diaspora & black identity

Afrovibes Festival 2024
Programme Editor De Balie
Merlijn Geurts
Merlijn Geurts
Programme Editor Afrovibes
Marjorie Boston

This talk is part of Afrovibes Festival, taking place at De Balie on 11 and 12 October, featuring a lineup of performances and talks.

This year’s festival has a special focus on artists from North-Africa and the North-African diaspora. North-African countries are often not considered African, but seen as Arabic countries. How do artists from North-African descent or from the North-African diaspora express their identity in art? What is their sense of belonging? And how do they relate to ‘Black’ culture? 

“When I see a picture or representation of the African continent, such as on jewellery or in/on artistic works, the depiction is usually of a single continent. The North is not cut off. That would be ridiculous. Yet in political, academic and other analyses of Africa, the North is somehow removed from the continent, and this is not considered ridiculous.

Nuunja Khaina in This is Africa

Afrovibes Performance

Following the talk you can visit the solo dance performance Act(s) and Sweats of the Tunisian choreographer Hamdi Dridri (see below). You can buy a combi ticket to visit both the talk and performance.

Programma / za 12 oktober 2024

Afrovibes Performance: Act(s) and Sweats

In the solo dance performance Act(s) and Sweats the Tunisian choreographer Hamdi Dridri pays tribute to the hard-working body