Afrovibes talk: art and spirituality

With Pink Oculus & Gavin-Viano

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Over the last years, spirituality has entered the performing arts. Many performers – be it dancers, singers or actors – are looking for new ways to express their personal values and feelings on stage. What is the relationship between art and spirituality? And what in the influence of African traditions for Black artists working in Europe? Artists from different disciplines talk about how African traditions influence their artistic work.
About the speakers

Pink Oculus is the alter ego of actress, producer and singer Esperanza Denswil. The Amsterdam resident effortlessly combines hip hop, soul, jazz, electro, and pop in an enthralling musical mix of rap and rapturous melodies. Her artist name refers to a spiritual experience she had in 2009, where she saw a pink aura around herself, embodying a moment devoid of negative emotions, where she felt unconditional love. In 2022, she released her new album Before Wisdom.

Gavin-Viano is a performer, writer and theatre director. Through his performances, he narrates non-western stories that center around themes such as sexual freedom and spiritual healing. Currently, Gavin-Viano is touring with Multiversum (Onlosmakelijk verbonden), exploring the power of childhood imagination and perspective in healing trauma.


Gavin-VianoPerformer, theatre director | Photo: Lalo Torre
Pink OculusMusical artist