Muziek in tijden van oorlog

Music in times of war

In samenwerking met

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Het is al bijna 700 dagen oorlog in Oekraïne. Vier getalenteerde en veelzijdige muzikanten uit Oekraïne, Wit-Rusland en Rusland delen het podium voor een benefietconcert. Ze vragen aandacht voor de Oekraïners die de dagelijkse realiteit meemaken van een langdurige oorlog die langzamerhand van de voorpagina’s is verdwenen. Een avond met muziek, cultuur uit Oekraïne en Belarus en een gesprek over de aanhoudende gewelddadige oorlog.

Sinds de Russische invasie in februari 2022 heeft de in Moskou geboren celliste Maya Fridman bijna non-stop gewerkt om het Oekraïense volk te steunen. Ze heeft honderdduizenden euro’s ingezameld met haar benefietconcerten. In United we Stand (2023) volgde documentairemaker David van Tijn Maya Fridman als muzikant die stelling neemt tegen Poetins genocidale oorlog.

Bezoekers kunnen kiezen uit drie soorten tickets. Alle opbrengsten gaan naar Zeilen van Vrijheid, een stichting die ambulances en medische hulpgoederen naar Oekraïne brengen.

As we approach 700 days of war in Ukraine, four talented and versatile musicians from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia share the stage for a benefit concert. They are drawing attention to the people of Ukraine who are living through the harsh daily reality of a prolonged war that has faded from the front pages. A night of music, culture from Ukraine, and Belarus, and a conversation about this ongoing violent war.

Since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, the Moscow-born cellist Maya Fridman worked almost non-stop to support the Ukrainian people. She has collected hundreds of thousands of euros through her benefit concerts. In United we Stand (2023) documentary maker David van Tijn followed Maya Fridman as a musician taking a stand against Putin’s genocidal war.

All proceeds from this concert will be donated to Zeilen van Vrijheid who deliver ambulances and medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Illustration by Maria Primachenko

About the musicians

Cellist Maya Fridman is known for her passionate performances with a unique mix of styles and genres. She was born in Moscow in 1989 and has been playing the cello since she was six. Her search for new music and experiments led her to Amsterdam, where she graduated cum laude at the Conservatory in 2016. Fridman is a master cellist who can and wants to play everything: classic, pop, (gothic) rock, folk, jazz, new music or flamenco. Thanks to her eclecticism and firy, emotional way of playing there are more and more composers who want to write pieces especially for her.

Konstantyn Napolov (Ukraine, 1987) is one of today’s most outstanding percussionists. An impassioned pioneer and promoter of new music, he closely cooperates with leading composers. Internationally, he is in great demand both for solo recitals and percussion concertos with orchestra, as artist in residence in chamber music projects, and as a jury member in important competitions. In performances throughout Europe and beyond, he plays repertoire and instruments from all over the world and throughout music history.

The Dutch/Belarussian pianist Hanna Shybayeva, born in Minsk in 1979, began her piano studies at the age of six. Over the years Hanna grew from “prodigy” to the mature and exciting pianist she is today, praised by the press and public for her musical and idiosyncratic interpretations, her energy and the richness of her color palette. Over the years Hanna participated in numerous international music festivals, won numerous prizes at the international competitions and has recorded over 15 cd albums. Her interest in other music genres resulted in a large number of projects, collaborating with musicians in jazz, tango and contemporary music fields. Hanna is the founder of Music For Belarus movement which focuses on organizing cultural events in order to collect financial support for Belarusian political prisoners in her birth country Belarus.

Maryana Golovchenko, born in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a singer and musician, specialized in international crossover music and cultural projects (both Eastern and Western Europe). Maryana`s collaborations include works with musicians, choirs, filmmakers, visual artists, sound-designers, dancers, and choreographers. Her current focus is on fusing traditional music from Eastern Europe and Ukraine specifically with the different types of contemporary music styles (from classical to jazz and electronics) as well as musical traditions of other countries and continents.


Maryana GolovchenkoVoice | Photo: Martina Novak

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