European Literature Night 2022

To be writing in a time of war

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A yearly event in which a dozen European writers and poets reflect on central and topical themes. During the European Literature Night 2022 we explore European literature in times of war.

We invite writers and poets to think about the effect of the war in Ukraine on Europe’s past and future. How can the literary imagination create understanding and insight in the history that has led to this war? Have we been naïve or even blind, taking our freedom and rule of law for granted? Is our past still the same, or should we revisit it, reconsider its fundamental lessons? And what are the lessons for the future?

The State of European Literature

On 16 June 2022, at 19:30, the renowned writer Alain Mabanckou will deliver the third State of European Literature, ‘Pour une autre Europe’ (‘For a different Europe’) in the Agnietenkapel. The State of European Literature is an annual lecture delivered by a renowned author or poet of international stature, about the state of literature and the state of Europe through the perspective of literature. Register here to attend the event on location or join the livestream.


Jitka Bret SrbováCzech writer
Laura FreixasSpanish writer
Dana GrigorceaSwiss-Romanian writer
Nataša KrambergerSlovenian writer
Katja PetrowskajaGerman-Ukrainian writer
Rein RaudEstonian writer