Maxim Osipov presents: Russian poetry in exile

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Leading up to the Forum on European Culture (June 2023) De Balie curates four episodes about Russian literature and music, in collaboration with Maxim Osipov. Writers, scholars and experts on Russian literature will shed their light on Russian literature, from the classics to the new voices.

In this programme, Otto Boele, senior University Lecturer with expertise on Contemporary Russian Literature, Romanticism, and Russian Cinema, engages in conversation with Russian poet Dmitry Vedenyapin – who lived in exile – about 20th century Russian poetry in exile. A conversation on literature inside and outside the fatherland. When was it time to leave the homeland behind, and how did that influence his work?

Mikhail Murach will play piano pieces of Alexander Scriabin and Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The works of Vedenyapin were published only outside the USSR during the Soviet era, but since 1987 his poetry is published in numerous magazines over the years, including Oktyabr, Novy mir, Znamya, Novaya Yunost, Postscriptum, and many others. Vedenyapin is the author of six poetry collections.


Dmitry VedenyapinRussian poet
Otto BoeleSenior University Lecturer at Leiden University
Maxim Osipov De Balie
Maxim OsipovWriter
Mikhail MurachHas been with Dutch National Ballet since 1989
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Image: Marit Breuker