Syria, 10 years of violent conflict

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The Syrian war started in 2011 during the Arab Spring with a civilian protest and has since then culminated in a bloody battle in which many parties joined. The end of the conflict is nowhere near in sight. What has 10 years of war meant for Syria, what is the current state of affairs and what future prospects do the people of Syria have?

In an evening of conversations, stories, performances and music, Médicins sans Frontières and De Balie delve into ten years of violent conflict in Syria.


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About Médecins Sans Frontières

MSF provides emergency medical assistance in conflict areas, natural disasters and outbreaks of deadly diseases. Since the start of the war in 2011, they have been helping victims of the war in Syria. In the country itself and in neighboring countries Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.


Nariman HamoCivil society activist
Ugur ÜngörProfessor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Sherwan Qasem Operations support officer MSF
Puk LeendersMental Health Officer & Emergency manager MSF
Esmail Bnaoe Musician
Anastasis SarakatsanosMusician and storyteller

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