The Frontlines, with Clarissa Ward

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She’s been at the front line of many wars in the last two decades. As Chief International Correspondent at CNN, Clarissa Ward has been the face of CNN with different major conflicts. Ward is known for her fearless interviews with f.e. Taliban generals after overthrowing Kabul, and her reports on Ukrainians fleeing Kyiv after the bombs just hit.

Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal will speak with Ward about her work. What is it like when your work is always located at a front line? How does she hold her own as a woman in a male-dominated world of war, terrorism and extremism? And how has her presence in different wars in the Middle East influenced her view of the West’s actions in this region?

In October, Ward’s book will be published in Dutch by Uitgeverij Pluim: Op alle fronten (On all fronts). It describes her singular career of journalism in this age of extremism.

Clarissa Ward presses Taliban fighter on treatment of women (CNN)


Clarissa Ward
Clarissa WardJournalist and Chief International Correspondent at CNN