There Are More Weinsteins…

Power and Abuse in the Art Scene, with a.o. Matilda Gustavsson, Alma Mathijsen, Joost de Vries, Marja Pruis and Marjolijn de Cocq

Coproduction with
Programme editor
Lola ’t Hart
Ianthe Mosselman
English and Dutch
Award-winning journalist and author Matilda Gustavsson revealed one of the biggest #MeToo affairs in the world. Her investigative report about sexual abuse in the prestigious Swedish Academy resulted in the Nobel Prize in Literature not being awarded in 2018. What consequences has #MeToo had in the international literary community and cultural world? How to increase impact from here, and how to prevent things to going back the way they were?

Matilda Gustavsson presents her findings and the book she wrote about the scandal, giving an insightful look into the dynamics of power and influence in the world of the arts. Together with Gustavsson and dutch author Alma Mathijsen and deputy editor-in-chief of De Groene Amsterdammer Joost de Vries we discuss what #MeToo has brought the literary community and the cultural world.

Marja Pruis will present a column on the topic.


Matilda Gustavsson (1987) is the award-winning journalist behind the already historical scoop that has rocked the Swedish Academy and the international literary community. Her trail-blazing literary reporting is the foundation of her bestselling book The Club – A Chronicle of Power and Abuse at the Heart of the Nobel Scandal.

Alma Mathijsen (1984) is a writer, and author of both novels and plays as well as essays and columns (NRCLindaHet Parool). Vergeet de meisjes (2017) was shortlisted for the BNG Bank Literatuurprijs.

Joost de Vries (1983) is the deputy editor-in-chief of De Groene Amsterdammer, for which he wrote about art and literature before becoming deputy editor-in-chief. He is the author of both essays and novels. His novel The Republic (2013) was awarded the Gouden Boekenuil and was translated into almost a dozen languages.

Marjolijn de Cocq (1967) is journalist, writer and editor of the books section of Amsterdam-based newspaper Het Parool. Her third book Maar ik hield al wel van je (But I already loved you), a literary essay on the taboo of miscarriage, will be published in the fall of 2020 at De Bezige Bij.

This programme has been rescheduled from the 12th of March to June 13, 20:00 hrs. Those with a ticket or reservation will receive an e-mail with more information. Matilda won’t be able to physically join due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.


Matilda GusavssonAuthor / Journalist
Joost de Vries Deputy editor-in-chief of De Groene Amsterdammer
Marjolijn de CocqJournalist / author / editor book section Het Parool
Marja PruisJournalist / Writer at De Groene Amsterdammer
Dutch translation “Het Bolwerk” by Matilda Gustavsson (Nijgh & Van Ditmar)

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