Vergiftigde tijden met Georg Friedrich Haas

Programme editor

Haas‘ memoirs constitute a rare and important historical document that recounts a complex Austrian family history in the context of post-WW II national socialism, and Haas’ determined struggle against Nazi ideology in particular. With great precision, emotional strength and lucid social analysis, Haas offers a detailed look at a community influenced by German nationalism and national socialism. Haas describes how his break was also a way out from the toxic environment which also deeply influenced his work as a composer.

More about 11.000 Saiten

11.000 Saiten, ‘11,000 strings’, is the title of this new disproportionate composition by grandmaster Georg Friedrich Haas. Klangforum Wien asked Haas to compose a piece for the ensemble and fifty pianos. The idea was born when ensemble director Peter Paul Kainrath visited a Chinese piano factory and was blown away by the sound of dozens of pianos that were mechanically played at the same time for testing. Haas was immediately enthused and turned the idea into a striking emotional journey into sound, like music for an invisible film.