Paula de Beer


Paula de Beer is living wage expert.

‘A better world starts with you,’ is something we often hear. But does it really? Paula de Beer is fascinated by the idea that consumers should take the responsibility for the harmful impact that big companies have on people and planet. Would it not make sense that products that can be bought in the European Union are made under conditions that respect basic human rights – especially since Europe claims to be a union of values? Paula is interested in the power imbalances which have led to the fact that global supply chains are now based on the exploitation of people on the other side of the world. She believes a better understanding of these power structures is important in the European debate about this topic. After all, understanding the roots of the problem is crucial to be able to solve it.

Paula has a background in history, international relations, and international development. Currently she is working in Amsterdam as living wage expert at Fair Wear Foundation.

Paula de Beer in the media