Afrovibes Festival bij De Balie

11 and 12 October

The 21st edition of Afrovibes Festival kicks off in October! On October 11 and 12, De Balie will host two performances and two talks, co-curated by De Balie editor Merlijn Geurts. This year’s theme is ‘Belonging’, featuring shows and creators from Tunisia and Morocco, among others.

This years theme: belonging

Based on the theme of Belonging, Afrovibes is shaping this year’s festival programme with performances that have a focus on North Africa and the (North) African diaspora in the Netherlands. It is a region where the theme of belonging is very topical. North African countries are often seen as ‘non-African’ but as belonging to the Arab world. How can we see this from an African perspective? Through work by artists from North Africa and from the North African diaspora in the Netherlands? Do they feel connected to the African continent and an African identity or to an Arab identity? The selected performances each show their own perspective on this theme through theatre, music and dance, and connect with the audience and with questions current in society.

About Afrovibes Festival

Afrovibes Festival presents innovative and cutting-edge work by contemporary African artists. They are artists who, from an African perspective, give artistic shape to current questions and (pressing) themes. From their distinctive vision, they tell stories about who we are, what we would like to be and how we are interconnected. With their work, they respond to their environment. Be it issues of social justice, political tensions, the threat of climate change or developments on the African continent. They break through existing notions about theatre, dance and music from Africa. This year, the festival showcases the versatility of makers and artists from North Africa and the (North) African diaspora in the Netherlands.