Seret Film Festival: Delegation

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Asaf Saban
running time
Israel, Poland
Hebrew, English, Polish
Delegation narrates the poignant journey of a group of Israeli teenagers who travel to Poland to visit Holocaust memorial sites. Central to the story are three friends: Nitzan, Frisch, and Ido, who find themselves in the midst of the tumultuous hormonal storms that characterize adolescence. Amidst the backdrop of these solemn historical landmarks, they are confronted not only with the profound dramas of history, but also with the everyday dilemmas that define teenage reality. This juxtaposition challenges them to navigate the complexities of their personal growth while paying homage to their heritage.

About the film festival

Seret International film festival is the largest Israeli film festival in the world and will screen feature films, documentaries, and shorts by Israel’s best directors, weaving together the story of Israeli society in a mosaic. As every year, the program of the festival is varied and fascinating and this year will focus on the female narrative in Israeli cinema and on films made by women creators.