Seret Film Festival: Valeria

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Michal Vinik
running time
Israel, Russia
Hebrew, Russian
Valeria is getting married is acclaimed globally and winner of the Israeli Academy Award for Best Screenplay. It unfolds the tale of two Russian sisters, Valeria and Christina. Driven by the desire for a new beginning, they opt for online-arranged marriages with Israeli men as a means to secure visas. While one sister has already taken the leap and is now living in Israel, the other contemplates following in her footsteps. But at what cost? This narrative probes the complexities of decisions that intertwine personal ambition with the harsh realities of immigration and the quest for a better life.

About the film festival

Seret International film festival is the largest Israeli film festival in the world and will screen feature films, documentaries, and shorts by Israel’s best directors, weaving together the story of Israeli society in a mosaic. As every year, the program of the festival is varied and fascinating and this year will focus on the female narrative in Israeli cinema and on films made by women creators.