Afrovibes 2023: The oceanic Marigold Beads

9 oktober – 29 oktober 2023

Marigold Beadwork Co-operative & Joni Brenner

The Oceanic Marigold Beads from the Marigold Beadwork Co-operative from Zimbabwe bring to live the vast range of colours of the ocean, not just blue and green, but also the shades of sand, surf, kelp, the open sea, and the red, purple, and black of the deepest ocean. The sensual shimmer of the beads that puts us in touch with the history of African beadwork and with the ocean, with the histories of slavery and violence as well as the capacity of water to cleanse and heal.  An artwork that is born out of, and leaves, liquid traces.

Design: Marigold Beadwork Co-operative

Curator: Joni Brenner

Research: Isabel Hofmeyr, Oceanic Humanities for the Global South

This programme is part of the Afrovibes festival in De Balie