Artists Against the Kremlin

3 augustus – 3 september 2024

A major anti-war and dissident art exhibition

Organized by
The Moscow Times, All Rights Reversed gallery and De Balie

Artists Against the Kremlin is a major exhibition organized by The Moscow Times, All Rights Reversed and De Balie, featuring more than 100 works of Russian-speaking contemporary artists who share universal human values and a clear anti-war stance such as Linor Goralik, Philippenzo, Nadya Tolokonnikova(Pussy Riot), Andrei Bilzho, Victor Melamed, Mikhail Ray, Danila Tkachenko, olo.olooloolo, Slava Ptrk, Kungfuct, Artem Loskutov, Serafima Bresler, Vladlena Sandu, Pomidor, The Party of the Dead, Igor Ost, artisterror, BFMTH, K. Hell, Alexey Kovalchuk, Kuril Chto, AXYXY and others.

Artists Against the Kremlin will unite creators not only from Russia, but from Belarus and Ukraine. Many of them were forced to leave their mother countries, live in exile and are now based in 25 different countries. In their works the address themes such as social polarization, the experiences of living in exile versus under authoritarian regimes, and explore how art can be used as a political weapon against the Kremlin. The exhibition will encompass various artistic mediums including paintings, graphics, mixed media, multimedia, installations, and sculptures. 

Read more about the exposition here.

About All Rights Reversed & The Moscow Times

All Rights Reversed is a Berlin-based gallery, production team, and community of artists united by human values and a clear anti-war stance. Its interests revolve around themes such as anti-war narratives, Russian imperialism, decolonialism, human rights, inequality, anti-propaganda, LGBTQ+ rights, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All Rights Reversed gathered the largest collection of protest art to date, featuring over 150 original artworks. 

Since September 2023, the gallery has organized seven exhibitions of anti-war and protest art across Europe, attracting more than 5,000 guests. One of these exhibitions took place at ‘het Vrije Paleis’ in February 2024. The exhibition featured 95 works by 65 artists and was visited by around 1,000 guests over four days.

The Moscow Times is the oldest independent Russian media outlet, informing the world about what happens in and around Russia since 1992. The Moscow Times is not just a media outlet in English and Russian, but also a platform for exchanging opinions and acting as a bridge between the East and the West. Since 2022, The Moscow Times has been based in Amsterdam.