Afrovibes: smeer

dance | Namibia | choreography: Trixie Munyama

In the dance performance Smeer Namibian choreographer Trixie Munyama explores where modernity and tradition, gender and identity meet.

A group of Ovahimbas gather in Katutura, the black township of Windhoek in Namibia. They are together for a healing ritual. A young woman enters and undergoes a change; she takes the manners and behaviour of an elderly man. The majority of the group is male but there is a woman quietly smoking a pipe and observing everything. The ceremony is engulfed by the bustle of the township. In the bustle of a contemporary African city Smeer moves in two worlds, those of time and space, past and present, illusion and reality.

This night of Afrovibes is a two fold of a context program and a performance. 
– Context program: how we made it – African artists center stage
– Performance: smeer

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