Afrovibes: subculture becoming mainstream

Marjorie Boston (Afrovibes)
Merlijn Geurts
For three days contemporary artists from Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and the Netherlands meet on stage at De Balie for the 18thedition of Afrovibes festival. With dance, spoken word, conversations and music.

From Afro cosmic to poetry slam. This night host Stephanie Afrifa explores the relationship between (black) subcultures and the mainstream with dancer Abdul Kinyenya, choreographer and social entrepreneur, choregrapher and director Nita Liem and Rudy O. Asibey, founder of Alkebulan. When is a subculture becoming mainstream and what does it change? Is the appropriation of subcultures by mainstream media, big music channels and celebrities a good or a bad thing?

With spoken word by Ivan Words.

This night of Afrovibes is a twofold:
– Talkshow: subculture becoming mainstream
– Performance: symphony of 21

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Abdul KinyenyaChoreographer & social entrepeneur
Rudy O. AsibeyFounder Alkebulan Project & pr-agent
Nita LiemChoreographer and director
Ivan WordsPoet, spoken word artist
Stephanie AfrifaModerator
Programma / do 7 oktober 2021

Afrovibes: symphony of 21

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