Afrovibes: symphony of 21

dance | Uganda, The Netherlands | choreography: Abdul Kinyenyaen & Faizal Ddamba

The need to party, touch each other and celebrate life is bigger than ever. Symphony of 21 is the last part of a triptych about the music scene in Uganda and The Netherlands. An interactive nightclub performance that challenges the audience to give itself completely to the beat.

Symphony of 21 is part of a three-year cooperation between DOX,  Batalo East, ArtBeat Amsterdam en Afrovibes.

Our (heart)beat, vulnerability, intimacy and sensuality are central, in fact our identity. On the dance floor, we are closer to each other and we experience touches that we easily avoid in everyday life. What will that experience be like after Covid-19? Chairs away, feet on the floor, dancers and audience become one . Everything corona proof of course.

This night of Afrovibes is a two fold of a context program and a performance. 
– Context program: subculture becoming mainstream
– Performance: symphony of 21

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Symphony of Now | Dox & Batalo East | 2020
Making of Symphony of Now & 2020

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